How to Choose the Best Menstrual Cups


Are you environmental-friendly and would like to live your life by that principle? Well, these days there are substitutes for almost anything just to make sure those who want to be as friendly to their environment do not violate their life’s principle. One of the ways that women who are conscious about the environment can care for the environment is by using reusable menstrual cups during their menses. There are so many brands, and each claims to be the best for you which can easily leave you confused if you have never bought menstrual cups before. Fear not because you will get some helpful tips on how to choose the right cup. Here are some of the useful guidelines that you can use when you are buying menstrual cups. You’ll also want to consider this Reusable Menstrual Cup.

Size is necessary for comfort and effectiveness when using the cup. There are so many aspects to size in matter menstrual cups. The first factor that affects the size of the menstrual cup is the height of our cervix. Those who have a high cervix will need to have a menstrual cup that is longer for ease of insertion and removal. You may retain the stem as long as it is. However, if you have a low cervix, then you use a shorter cup with the stem trimmed off for comfort. Those with a medium height cervix will have a wider variety since they can use both the long and short cups.

Those who have given birth vaginally may need to adjust their menstrual cup size to have a perfect fit.this is because the muscle tissue in the vagina stretches when one delivers through the vagina. This makes it necessary for you to adjust the size; however, it is not the same for everyone. There are those who retain tight vaginal muscles and may not really need to change the size of their reusable menstrual cups. The best way to go about this is to try your older size and see how it fits. If it fits perfectly then, you will not need to make any changes; however, if there are leakages you may have to go for menstrual cups that of a larger size. Reusable Menstrual Cup should be on your list as they do have a number of advantages over traditional ones.

Firmness is another factor that you need to consider as you make your choice of a reusable menstrual cup. If you have a much firmer pelvic tone due to a lot of exercises, then you will do well with a firmer cup which easily pops open and stays open.However, if you are not sporty and you are uncomfortable with firmer cups, then you should consider a softer cup which is easy to insert. Wondering how to use a menstrual cup? Watch this video:


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